A long time ago, I ran a million small sites for my fandoms at I lost the domain while I tried to cope with a lot of things going on in life.

Something is coming back, but what I’m not sure. I am no longer actively involved in art or quasi-commercial photography. Nor do I want to blog. But I do like to pursue knowledge and still have a mountain of books dedicated to esoterica related to the Meiji era and Japan.

My first goal is to bring back “The Sword and The Chrysanthemum” (as Choshu Compendium).  Sadly my WordPress stuff is all either lost or broken, so I am doing some backtracking to get it back together. Once I have something back up I’ll likely begin reading books again and adding things to this site.

Then I’ll begin adding out fandom things again related to the lovable rebels of the Ishin Shihi as well as sharing some limited photos of my travels.

We shall see.



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