Happy New Year!

I seem to have disappeared according to the last entry. I had family issues that took up a lot of time and then 2020 began and COVID has certainly made life interesting.

I recently heard from a group of families who read together and they asked if I could include some information in this site!

While I am not actively updating this site (in fact I forgot about it with all the things happening), I am still here and you’re free to contact me with your suggestions for resources at elisaswann6 at gmail dot com.

There are some books I started to read and summarize as well. If you have specific ones/topics of interest, let me know and I can let you know if there’s a good book I can recommend.

I’ve also started updating art again, so you’ll notice a new link on the top right! You’re also free to engage me there via that site too 🙂

Otherwise, stay safe and well!

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