About The Meiji

About The Meiji

This website, The Meiji, is now the third iteration of a personal collection of interests.

What is the Meiji?  The Meiji period (明治時代 Meiji-jidai), also known as the Meiji era, is a Japanese era which extended from October 23, 1868 to July 30, 1912.  It is known as the end of the Bakufu, and the shogunate era, as well as the opening of Japan to the west.

As for this website, with the return of Rurouni Kenshin this fall to manga serialization, I’ve decided to try to overcome a database meltdown and restructure some of the old work from the original website at http://red-bird.org.  I’ve moved on a bit from actual active participation in fandom so I have not decided whether to resurrect all the images, model sheets, fanworks, etc.   This is simply because I hope to continue building out the below content on a much slower basis and have time for other pursuits.

Returning Content

Choshu Compendium: “The Sword and the Chrysanthemum” 

The research for and the maintenance of this site is a hobby of several persons who have researched various persons who have appeared in popular culture like the NHK Shinsengumi drama, Rurouni Kenshin and Peacemaker Kurogane animations.

When possible, academic materials are referenced. These materials are cited whenever possible. As these materials should be available to those with academic credentials in institutions in the United States, it is recommended that the original works be requested and cited for book reports or other research projects.

If you would like to assist in these efforts to obtain materials or have a similar site focusing on various figures from the revolutionary era and would like to discuss exchanging links, please contact me using comments features on this site.


Extras from the life and times of the Meiji and Reformation.  Initially our team of crazy fans assembled immense lists of resources to make livejournal roleplay more authentic.  It got a little out of hand! For now, I’m uploading an old html folder with the links and whitepapers. Eventually I will transition this to a cleaner wordpress format.